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    Learn more about SecureWEB.

  • What is SecureWEB?

    Kroger SecureWEB is a technology service aimed at keeping our Company information secure, while making your job just a bit easier.

    You probably use your Internet browser program to access many Kroger web pages and systems throughout the day. A number of them are secure areas that ask for an ID and password before allowing you o enter. And each secure area might use a different ID/password combination and a different kind of prompt. You are on your own to keep track of numerous passwords.

    SecureWEB improves this by providing single sign-on—gathering login security for multiple programs into one convenient place. Enter your ID and password just once, and you will have access to ll SecureWEB-protected programs as long as your browser window remains open.

  • But some programs still prompt me for another ID and password. Why?

    Each web site author or developer chooses whether to protect his or her site with SecureWEB. Not all sites have joined the SecureWEB fold yet, so those sites may still use their own security mechanism. Over time, you'll see more and more programs that honor your SecureWEB login.

  • What's my Enterprise User ID?

    Your SecureWEB ID is your unique identification for a growing number of Kroger resources. For employees of the Kroger family of companies, it's the ID that consists of your first and last initials followed by a five digit number. (Barney Kroger's Enterprise User ID, for example, might have been "bk00001".) If you don't know your own ID, ask your manager or the folks who support the application you're trying to log into.

  • That's not a particularly friendly ID!

    Well, that's true. Perhaps something like "bkroger" would be friendlier. With hundreds of thousands of associates, though, it would be impossible to assign IDs that are both friendly and unique (and no longer than eight letters, as required by some of the systems.) We struck a compromise with a format that's sufficiently unique and reasonably easy to remember.

  • I want to change my password.

    Use the Passport web site to change your password for SecureWEB and other systems. Here's how:

    Click here to go to the Passport login page.
    Log into Passport with your Enterprise User ID and your current password.
    Click the Change Password item in the left-hand menu. Type a new password (twice) and click Apply Changes.
    Click "View Status of Password Changes;" and when it indicates that your password change was successful, log out of Passport and close its browser window or tab.
    Close this help window to go back to the SecureWEB login page, and use your new password to enter the area you were trying to reach.

  • Help! I've forgotten my password.

    Use the same steps as above to change your password; but in step 2, type just your Enterprise User ID and click "Forgot your password?" Passport will ask you to answer challenge questions you chose earlier. When you answer the questions correctly, you can proceed to the next step and choose a new password. (Note: Passport cannot reveal your old password to you—you must choose a new one.)

  • Messages about a "secure site"

    The SecureWEB login page protects your personal credentials with SSL encryption. Not all web sites use this kind of encryption, so you may see messages indicating that you are entering or leaving a secure site.

    If you wish, you may be able to change settings in your browser software to prevent these messages from appearing. The following procedure applies to Microsoft Internet Explorer 6:

    Click the Tools menu.
    Choose Internet Options from the Tools menu.
    On the Internet Options dialog, choose the Advanced tab.
    Scroll the list of settings to the Security category, and find "Warn if changing between secure and not secure mode." Uncheck this option.
    Click OK to save your changes and close the Internet Options dialog.

  • More about the security policy

    Information utilized by the Kroger enterprise is a critical asset absolutely essential to our continued business health and growth, and its protection is directly related to our integrity as an organization. Kroger established this information security policy as part of a comprehensive set of tools and standards that help manage access to those assets. It protects you and it protects the company from legal actions that could be taken if information viewed here were used inappropriately.

    SecureWEB helps ensure that each of us has the information needed to perform our jobs, while protecting Company information assets. Keep personal and Company information secure by neversharing your password.

  • Questions or comments about SecureWEB?

    Kroger SecureWEB is managed by the Corporate Information Security team. If you have questions or comments about its operation, you're welcome to send email to us at

    Do not use the CIS email address for support issues, difficulty logging in, or problems with your password. If you need that kind of assistance, call the Kroger Support Center at 800-952-8889.

  • More for web developers

    Kroger SecureWEB is the Company standard for protecting web-based applications that are used by employees and other internal associates. It is not intended for Internet sites or applications used by our customers.

    If you are developing corporate or enterprise-wide applications, visit the Corporate Information Security web site to learn about policies and guidelines for managing your site's security. If you think your project may be a good fit for SecureWEB protection, send a message to and we'll get in touch with you to discuss it.

*Corporate Information Security Policy You have accessed a system intended for the exclusive use of authorized company employees and contractors for the purpose of performing necessary job related duties and transactions. Unauthorized access is prohibited and is subject to prosecution to the full extent of the law. Employee use of company systems or software for other than that stated purpose may result in disciplinary action, up to and including discharge. The company reserves the right to monitor company systems to determine compliance with this policy, or as otherwise approved by Corporate Information Security, General Counsel or Vice President of Auditing. Ver políticas en español

*POLÍTICA CORPORATIVA DE SEGURIDAD DE LA INFORMACIÓN Usted ha ingresado a un sistema creado para uso exclusivo de los empleados autorizados de la compañía. El acceso no autorizado está prohibido y sujeto a acción penal en la medida en que la ley lo permita. El uso de los sistemas o software de la compañía por parte de los empleados para propósitos distintos a los expuestos, puede resultar en una acción disciplinaria, incluyendo el despido. La compañía se reserva el derecho de monitorear los sistemas de la compañía para determinar el cumplimiento de esta política, o de lo contrario, aprobado por la oficina Corporativa de Seguridad de la Información, el Consejo General o la Vicepresidencia de Auditoría. Ver políticas en inglés